La Fornace Art Gallery was established by Dr. Piero Giadrossi in 1997. It provides a venue for contemporary international sculpture in Tuscany and it is located in the Chianti area, about 10 km north of Siena, Italy.

The gallery is the result of a twenty year search for contemporary Asian and European art, most of which cannot be found anywhere in Europe.

Our Gallery boasts a collection of over 200 contemporary sculptures by various artists from Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. Be sure to check back often as we are constantly adding new pieces to our collection. Click on the name of an artist to view his works.

La Fornace means “the pottery” and in fact it is an old pottery completely renovated and listed as a historical monument by the dept. of Fine Arts of Siena.

After several years of contact with Asian culture, Dr. Giadrossi started the gallery by exhibiting contemporary sculptors, at the beginning mainly from Asia. After continued success with visitors and collectors, the gallery began to host a broader range of artists from Africa, South America and Europe, all chosen for their individuality and originality.

In very few years, La Fornace Art Gallery became a focus for contemporary sculpture in a town where Medieval and Renaissance treasures provide a fitting ambiance for modernity.

In May 2004, in front of the gallery the Chianti Sculpture Park opened, a permanent exhibition of 26 contemporary, monumental sculptures. Some artists shown in the Park are also displaying smaller works in the gallery.

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